Paying it forward | Review


Here is a Tip to help you to take a fresh look at life.

In todays world life can be tough and at times all our energy is used in just getting through the day.
It takes a special person to look beyond our daily struggle and notice  the needs of others.

When we reach out to help another human being, we start a chain reaction that can have enormous impact on others and can last a lifetime.

Watch this video and you will see what I mean. The action of this young man touched the heart of a battle hardened Soldier in a wonderful gesture that people often refer to it as Paying it forward

We never know what effect our actions have on other people. It may be a simple hand up when someone falls down or helping someone complete their purchase when they don’t quite have the full amount of money.

This phenomenon has had such an effect that a movie has been made about it staring Kevin Spacey and Helen Hunt. There are many pay it forward YouTube videos, and some have been viewed over 4 million times.

I personally know one one such case involving street children in the harsh cold city of Vladivostok, Russia.

A young New Zealand woman who was just passing through the city was pick-pocketed by a scared and hungry homeless child. it was such an unusual event. The woman had just put her hand into her pocked to get some money, and instead of finding her purse, she found another hand there. Naturally, she swung around to confront this person, and was shocked to see that the hand belonged to this starving homeless boy. She suddenly felt compassion for this child and went to buy him some food. It was the look on his face that had such a profound effect on this tourist that she changed her travel plans and remained in Vladivostok.

The next day, she was back in the street with sandwiches and fruit to feed these starving street children. The tourist, with out even being able to speak Russian, found a way to “pay it forward”
and was soon able to help Russia’s forgotten street children everyday.

This wonderful woman name is Rachael Hughes.

She Left behind her dream of being a fashion designer to setup a charitable organization called Vladivostok Homeless Children’s Rehabilitation Society, Living Hope.

 So by Paying it Forward, Rachael has been changing the lives of these homeless children since 1997.